Welcome To Window Washing System!


 Idea !

Imagine your selves!

Sat(based) on your sofa and look your windows clean themselves .

Eh! Yes, only by pressing on your switch on / off or a remote control.

Whether it is for a building, a skyscraper, an airport,hotel,restaurant, a signboard(banner) of freeway and I pass some example...

We found a solution which reduces a considerable number of accidents, time(weather) and money.

 I invented one automatic window-washing ; In 10 seconds your windows shine with cleanliness.

We are in search of investors or of serious partner.

How many computer per house?

And, How many windows per house?

I think that the answer is phenomenal.
We have a product which is going to revolutionize the business world window cleaning!


Our Mission !
Our Purpose !

Promotion !
Profitability !
Distribution !
Service to adapt !
Absolute legality !
Potential of sales !
Search(research) in marketing !
Research and development !
Interdependence of the product !
Energy / Electric / Solar !
Security / our force major !
The recovery of the water !
Impact on the environment Neatness !
Compatibility consumer / user !
Satisfy the need of the owners of buildings !
To be able to give a value increased in them buildings !